Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mine Sweeper Widget

NEWCOMER! Mine Sweeper Widget!

A couple of weeks ago we released a new app in the Android Market: Mine Sweeper Widget. We've been really busy these days so we couldn't post it here!

I was really interested in experimenting with widgets and seeing how far this concept could go. So i decided to start developing some game widgets (yes, more are coming :P).

With this widget, you can play the classic game "MineSweeper" right in your homescreen, since we believe this is a "fast-play" game, we don't want you to open an app each time you want some quick fun :)

There're still some problems with this app while running in landscape mode (crashes in G1 when opening phisical keyboard while being on homescreen), but we're working hard to solve this issue. Fixed!

So let's show you how it looks!

Can you see any Halo reference? :P


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