Monday, April 12, 2010

The World is People

Most social applications nowadays were not designed with mobile devices in mind, and therefore don't exploit most of their unique features. Our idea is to change that.

ActivateMe (name still under development) tries to give an answer to the question "What are people in my city doing right now?". We think a city isn't really characterized by it's monuments, it's bars or it's points of interest but by the people. Therefore it looks reasonable to create a map with them in mind.

The latest technology in geolocalization will aid us in creating said map, without the need of having the user explicitly tell the application where he is or what he is doing. This will allow us to help the users find new places without putting an additional burden on them.

Possible uses for ActivateMe range from finding new places in your city, to finding popular places in foreign cities when abroad. Because what's important is not where the places are, but where the people are!

SpartanCoders is a team of Computer Science students: Pablo Llopis (@pablollopis), Paul Goldbaum (@paulgoldbaum) and Luis Santos (@luiskap), who share a passion for mobile application development. You can find some of their applications on the Android Market.

This is the first post of our project for Tetuan Valley Startup School. More will follow!


  1. Hi Spartans! I'm Pau from 140promote group (from TVSS bcn too).

    Congrats for your project, it sounds really good. The combination of "mobile" and "geolocalization" is key point ;)

    See you on thursday.

  2. #fail

    I just realized that you are from TVSS madrid, so we won't see on thursday :(


  3. I'm Alberto Lopez (UAM) and I read about ActivateMe in TetuanValley blog as I nearly entered the startup school last semester, good luck all three with the project. I'll follow your improvements

  4. @pau, @chexpir: Thanks!

    @pau: our fault, we forgot to mention that :P
    @chexpir: so you are currently in the UAM? Computing Science maybe?

  5. Yep, pau & pablo know me for years, I don't know if they'll remember me now, I'm sure Pablo will.

  6. Hey Alberto! Of course we remember you, it wasn't that long ago :) What a coincidence you found us that way. How are you doing?

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