Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Android 2.0 UI changes Preview

This is meant to be a short preview in pictures (and a couple video captures!) of some new things featured in android 2.0. Most of the things covered being just UI rather than new core functionality.

Here we are with the new lock screen:

Nice! But see that thing that looks like a wheel? No, its not just a copy of the Sense UI style, you don't actually slide it up/down, but rather like a wheel.

Scroll the lock to the right to unlock the device:

Or scroll the volume icon to the left to silence/unsilence the phone:

Just a small preview of the new settings menu, we got new kewl icons!

What have we got here? A task manager!
This actually only displays running services. No need to display processes which are not consuming CPU :-)

A slightly different dialer

This is looks like some sort of credentials system, you can set a password, install encrypted certificates from SD card and specify whether applications are able to access credentials. I am not sure what this is for.

I also took a video of the new unlocking. Please pardon the lag, this is due to my old PC not being powerful enough to handle android emulator + video capturing and encoding + other stuff I had running. This is not due to android 2.0 being slow, other versions run just as bad on my PC =P

New Unlock Bar

Some new browser UI stuff:

I hope you enjoyed the early footage!
Android 2.0 will bring much more than this to our devices, these were just some of the things present in the just-released 2.0 SDK version!

By The Way, we will be updating our Volume Widget Pro with some VERY COOL new skin in the near future,
you should check it out, especially if you like blood-splatter skins! :-)

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