Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Volume Widget Pro

We've published our first Android application!


Adjust your phone's Multimedia, Ringtone, Alarm, In-Call voice and Notifications volume in an easy way right from your home screen!

Choose between 20+ widgets of different size and color with a polished design! Black, red and white.

Now you can create your own widgets:

Updates details:
v1.3 (16/10/2009): In-Call voice volume widget added.
v1.2 (12/10/2009): Custom Themes!!
v1.1.1 (8/10/2009): Bugfix
v1.1 (7/10/2009): Alarm and notifications volume control, 9 new widgets added!
v1.0.1 (6/10/2009): Bugfix
v1.0 (6/10/2009): Initial release

Updates roadmap:
1.2.1 (ETA: ~1 week): New backgrounds and buttons.

Special thanks to:
-Andrea (a.k.a. Bloody Corpse :P) for the button design!

Download (QR Code):

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